Phlebotomy Technician

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The Phlebotomy Technician is a vital and integral part of the healthcare team. The Academy of Allied Health’s Phlebotomy program is offered to any individual who has a high school diploma or a GED (or anyone who are currently working to obtain their GED or diploma). The Phlebotomy Technician course is a total of 60 contact hours (class time and lab time). Clinicals are not required, but can be taken once the 60 hours of academic work are completed.

To enroll, prospective students must attend a Career Overview session, interview with Academy staff, complete the entrance assessment, submit your GED or high school transcript, submit two written references, provide a photo ID, and complete the application. Once these steps have been completed, students may begin their journey to become a certified Phlebotomist.

Once enrolled, students will begin to learn all of the necessary steps and procedures required for Phlebotomy. Our Phlebotomy program teaches participants to safely collect and process blood samples for testing. We will exhaustively review the correct procedures and guidelines to ensure that students are properly prepared. Participants will learn proper specimen collection through both venipuncture and capillary. The Phlebotomy program will also cover safety for both the patient and the individual collecting samples. Safety instruction will follow both Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Participants will also learn needed anatomy and physiology terms and will be taught the proper order of draw and universal precautions.

The skills and knowledge learned in our Phlebotomy program will position participants for job placement and career success. They will also put people on track for Phlebotomy certification as the course will prepare participants for the National Healthcare Association (NHA) Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CTP) national certification exam.

If you are interested in a career in healthcare, our Phlebotomy Technician program may be the right fit. Contact us today to find out more about Phlebotomy and to learn how you can begin this new and exciting career.

Course Content



Admission Requirements


Content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Patient identification
  • Safety & Infection Control
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Selecting proper veins & tubes
  • Order of blood draws
  • Centrifuging
  • Compiling preparation trays
  • Legal Issues in Phlebotomy
  • All aspects of venipuncture’s
  • Proper cleansing of venipuncture site
  • Proper labeling, transport, and delivery
  • Proper infection control & sanitary procedures
  • Proper universal precautions procedures
  • Proper disposal of biohazard waste materials
  • Knowledge of CLIA and OSHA guidelines
  • Obtaining vital signs
  • Knowledge and use of medical terminology, abbreviations and symbols
  • Effectively communicating with patients, families and other health care team members

Length of Program

Our Phlebotomy Technician course is a total of 60 contact hours which includes campus lab. We offer day and evening classes and which are held Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm for day and Monday through Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm for 5 weeks. Clinicals are an OPTIONAL part of the course and will occur after the academic portion of the course is complete. Clinicals are the student’s opportunity to be placed outside of our facility in a clinical setting of the school’s choice until 100 successful venipunctures are completed. The clinical opportunity is set in place to aid in the student’s marketability for job opportunities and has no additional fees. If a student chooses to do clinicals the overall length of the course will be increased.  Students may forgo the clinical opportunity.


  • Application Fee $100.00
  • Books and Materials Fee $325.00
  • Tuition $1050.00
  • Lab Fee $125.00
  • Total cost to AAHC $1600.00

Additional Cost:

  • Student Clinical Insurance $41.00
  • Clinical Name Badge $15.00
  • NHA Exam $120.00

Overall total $1776.00

Financial Assistance:

The Academy is an eligible training provider for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program.  Information related to eligibility for both programs is available at your local American Jobs Center.  The Academy is also approved by the Tennessee State Approving Agency for the training of veterans and their eligible dependents. In addition, the Academy offers payment plans for students admitted to its programs. Further information will be provided during the interview process. Students receiving any type of financial assistances will meet with an administrator to review their responsibilities.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission prospective students must:

  1. Attend a Career Overview session to gain information re: programs offered and expectations
  2. Interview with Academy staff
  3. Complete entrance assessment (basic reading and math skills). Note: Results are used for advisement purposes only.  No passing score identified.
  4. Submit the following:
    1. Official high school or GED transcript
    2. Two written references
    3. A photo id
    4. Completed Program Application

Students sponsored by WIOA or any other funding source are interviewed a 2nd time by Academy staff. The purpose of the second interview is to reinforce the Academy’s commitment to the objectives of the funding source (i.e. job search and employment).

The following minimal physical and mental requirements are necessary for successful progression through the Phlebotomy Technician program:

  • Ability to lift or move weights of up to 35% of recommended bodyweight (approx. 50 pounds).
  • Motor ability necessary to ambulate independently in clients’ rooms and in work areas.
  • Possess fine motor skills to sufficiently perform duties of a phlebotomy technician.
  • Visual acuity sufficient to observe and assess client behavior and accurately read monitors and computer screens.
  • Auditory acuity sufficient to hear instructions and requests.
  • The ability to speak, write, and comprehend the English language proficiently (safety issue).
  • The ability to communicate in a professional manner and establish rapport with clients and colleagues.

Criminal background checks and drug screens are required at the affiliated clinical sites for training. Based on the results of these checks, an affiliated clinical site may determine to not allow your presence at their facility. This could result in your inability to successfully complete the requirements of this program. Additionally, a criminal background may preclude licensure or employment.



The Academy of Allied Health’s Phlebotomy Technician Program is authorized by The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). This authorization has to be renewed each year and is based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of education, ethical business practices, health and safety and fiscal responsibility.