Graduates stand outside smiling and holding their graduation caps in the air.


Our mission is to help students improve their life by preparing them for a job.

As a private school, we offer post-secondary educational programs that meet the needs of the current job market. In doing so, we provide appropriate health-related education for patient-focused care and cross-training of competent medical personnel. The Academy strives to prepare our students to be productive, employable assets to the community and their employer. We believe that every human being is deserving of proper quality health care. Our purpose does not include preparing for further college study, although the Academy’s programs may be advantageous to the college student.

To fulfill our mission, we:

  • Foster a student-centered environment conducive to personal development and success;
  • Offer high quality, affordable programs with a job market demand;
  • Enhance access and opportunity for a student population that may not otherwise seek post-secondary education (i.e. first-generation, non-traditional students);
  • Develop and sustain partnerships that support instruction and meets the needs of our community.