Funding Your Education

At THE ACADEMY of Allied Health Careers, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to obtain an affordable, career-focused education to help them succeed in an industry that a student is passionate about.  That is why we focus on helping our students navigate different financial aid options like PELL Grants, WIOA Grants and Interest-Free Payment programs to help reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.  We are committed to finding ways for students to achieve their education goals without acquiring student loan debt.   Our thousands of graduates help approximately 80,000 patients weekly, collectively earning more than $100 million each year without a penny of student loan debt from THE ACADEMY.   We are ready to help you do the same!  

Prospective students who would like to learn more about Financial Aid options available at THE ACADEMY, please contact:    Alan Bazzell, Director of Marketing, at 423-499-4999 or

Enrolled students who have questions about their Financial Aid award at THE ACADEMY, please contact:  Kellie Grant, Director of Finance, at 423-499-4999 or